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OUT NOW: MANZER "Pictavian Invasion in Japan" (Pictavia) CD.


Here are special prices on all available CD's on the webshop:
- 25 CD's = 150 Euros
- 50 CD's = 250 Euros
- 100 CD's = 400 Euros
- 150 CD's = 525 Euros
- 200 CD's = 600 Euros
- 500 CD's = 1000 Euros
Prices are postpaid, no limit in time, on any titles. Please send an e-mail if you want to order, as the webshop won't calculate that automatically.


A BandCamp page has been created for LEGION OF DEATH Records. Feel free to spread the link to your contacts!


New service : "session drums & vocals".


- A new site is now online! It is more convenient and complete, still with the webshop full of underground Metal stuffs.

- A parallel label to LEGION OF DEATH Records has been created : ARMEE DE LA MORT Records. More infos on the concept in the "Contact" section.

- From now on, ALL CD's cost 9 Euros! Except double CD's or special versions of course.