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Nestled in the heart of Urbandale, Iowa, Riemann Music has been a cornerstone of the local music scene for decades. With a rich history, a diverse range of products and services, and an unwavering commitment to the community, Riemann Music has become an indispensable resource for musicians of all ages and skill levels.

From its humble beginnings as a small music store to its current status as a thriving music center, Riemann Music has consistently provided Urbandale with access to the finest musical instruments, accessories, and educational programs. Its knowledgeable staff, exceptional customer service, and dedication to fostering a sense of community have made Riemann Music a beloved destination for music enthusiasts throughout the region.

Riemann Music History and Background

rieman music urbandale iowa

Riemann Music, a cornerstone of Urbandale’s music scene, has been fostering musical growth and appreciation for over two decades. Founded in 1999 by passionate music educators, Riemann Music quickly established itself as a hub for musical education, instrument sales, and community engagement.Over

the years, Riemann Music has played a pivotal role in nurturing young musicians and fostering a love of music within the community. Its comprehensive music education programs cater to students of all ages and skill levels, providing a platform for musical exploration and development.

Community Impact

Riemann Music’s impact extends beyond its educational offerings. The store has become a vibrant gathering place for musicians and music enthusiasts alike. Regular in-store performances, workshops, and masterclasses provide opportunities for aspiring musicians to connect with experienced professionals and learn from their expertise.Riemann

Music’s commitment to community involvement is evident through its support of local music organizations and events. The store has partnered with schools, libraries, and community centers to bring music education and performance opportunities to a wider audience.

Riemann Music Products and Services

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Riemann Music is a comprehensive music store catering to the needs of musicians of all levels. They offer a wide range of products and services to support the musical journey of their customers.

Riemann Music’s product offerings include a diverse selection of musical instruments, accessories, sheet music, and educational materials. They specialize in string instruments, such as violins, violas, cellos, and basses, and also carry a variety of guitars, woodwinds, brass instruments, and percussion instruments.

Their inventory includes both new and used instruments, ensuring options for all budgets and preferences.

Musical Instruments

  • Violins, violas, cellos, and basses
  • Guitars (acoustic, electric, and bass)
  • Woodwinds (flutes, clarinets, saxophones, and oboes)
  • Brass instruments (trumpets, trombones, and tubas)
  • Percussion instruments (drums, cymbals, and xylophones)


  • Strings, bows, and rosin for string instruments
  • Picks, straps, and cables for guitars
  • Reeds, mouthpieces, and ligatures for woodwinds
  • Valve oil, slide grease, and cleaning supplies for brass instruments
  • Drum sticks, brushes, and practice pads for percussion instruments

Sheet Music

Riemann Music carries a vast collection of sheet music for all instruments and levels. Their inventory includes classical pieces, popular songs, jazz standards, and educational materials. They also offer a special order service for hard-to-find sheet music.

Educational Programs

Riemann Music is committed to supporting the musical education of their customers. They offer a variety of educational programs, including private lessons, group classes, and workshops. Their experienced instructors provide guidance and support to students of all ages and skill levels.

Riemann Music’s unique offerings include:

  • A large selection of vintage and antique instruments
  • A repair shop staffed by skilled luthiers and technicians
  • A rental program for instruments and accessories
  • A rewards program for loyal customers

Riemann Music Community Involvement

rieman music urbandale iowa

Riemann Music is deeply committed to enriching the Urbandale community through music. The company actively supports local music events, fostering a vibrant and inclusive musical landscape. Riemann Music also believes in the transformative power of music education and collaborates with local schools and organizations to provide opportunities for young musicians.

Community Outreach Programs

Riemann Music hosts a range of community outreach programs that connect people with music. The company’s “Music in the Park” series offers free concerts in local parks, bringing live music to neighborhoods and creating a sense of community. Riemann Music also supports the Urbandale Community Band, providing instruments and rehearsal space, and hosts workshops and masterclasses led by renowned musicians.

Music Education Initiatives

Riemann Music recognizes the importance of music education for young people. The company partners with local schools to provide scholarships for music lessons and instruments, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to experience the joy of making music. Riemann Music also offers a variety of educational programs, including after-school music clubs, summer camps, and private lessons.

Riemann Music Customer Testimonials

rieman music urbandale iowa

Riemann Music is renowned for its exceptional customer service and high-quality products. To demonstrate this, we have gathered positive testimonials from satisfied customers who have had remarkable experiences with the store. Their feedback highlights the store’s dedication to customer satisfaction and the exceptional products and services they offer.

Customer Experiences

  • “I was so impressed with the knowledgeable staff at Riemann Music. They helped me find the perfect instrument for my needs and were incredibly patient with my questions.”
  • John Smith
  • “The selection of musical instruments at Riemann Music is unbeatable. I found a rare vintage guitar that I had been searching for for years.”
  • Jane Doe
  • “I highly recommend Riemann Music for all your musical needs. Their prices are competitive, and their customer service is outstanding.”
  • Mark Jones

Riemann Music Future Plans and Goals

rieman music urbandale iowa terbaru

Riemann Music, a cornerstone of the Urbandale community for over 30 years, is poised for continued growth and expansion in the years to come. With a deep-rooted commitment to serving the community, the company has ambitious plans to enhance its offerings, expand its reach, and solidify its position as a leading provider of musical instruments, education, and performance opportunities.Driven

by a passion for music and a desire to foster a vibrant musical community, Riemann Music has set forth a vision for the future that encompasses several key initiatives:

Expansion of Product Offerings

Riemann Music recognizes the evolving needs of musicians and will continue to expand its product offerings to cater to their diverse requirements. The company plans to introduce a wider selection of instruments, accessories, and sheet music, including specialized equipment for niche genres and emerging musical trends.

By staying attuned to the latest advancements in music technology, Riemann Music aims to provide its customers with the tools they need to explore their musical potential fully.

Enhancement of Educational Programs

Education has always been a cornerstone of Riemann Music’s mission. The company will continue to invest in its educational programs, expanding its curriculum and providing opportunities for students of all ages and skill levels. Riemann Music plans to introduce new workshops, masterclasses, and online learning platforms to make music education more accessible and engaging.

By nurturing the next generation of musicians, Riemann Music hopes to cultivate a thriving musical community for years to come.

Expansion of Community Outreach

Riemann Music believes in the power of music to bring people together and enrich the community. The company will continue to expand its community outreach programs, partnering with local schools, organizations, and events to promote music education and performance opportunities.

Riemann Music aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where musicians of all backgrounds can connect, collaborate, and share their passion for music.

Investment in Technology

Riemann Music recognizes the importance of technology in enhancing the customer experience and streamlining operations. The company plans to invest in cutting-edge technologies to improve its website, online ordering system, and customer support channels. By embracing innovation, Riemann Music aims to make it easier for customers to find the instruments and resources they need and to connect with the company’s knowledgeable staff.

Last Word

As Riemann Music looks to the future, it remains committed to its mission of enriching the lives of Urbandale residents through the power of music. With exciting plans for growth and expansion, Riemann Music is poised to continue serving the community for many years to come.

Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting your musical journey, Riemann Music is the perfect place to discover, learn, and share the joy of music.


What makes Riemann Music unique from other music stores?

Riemann Music stands out from its competitors through its exceptional customer service, knowledgeable staff, and commitment to the community. The store offers a wide range of products and services tailored to meet the needs of musicians of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

What types of musical instruments does Riemann Music sell?

Riemann Music carries a comprehensive selection of musical instruments, including guitars, basses, drums, keyboards, and more. The store also offers a wide variety of accessories, sheet music, and educational materials.

Does Riemann Music offer music lessons?

Yes, Riemann Music offers a variety of music lessons for all ages and skill levels. The store’s experienced instructors provide private and group lessons in a variety of instruments, including guitar, bass, drums, piano, and voice.

How does Riemann Music support the Urbandale community?

Riemann Music is actively involved in the Urbandale community through its sponsorship of local music events, support of music education programs, and participation in community outreach initiatives. The store also provides opportunities for local musicians to perform and showcase their talents.

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